Happy Pets, the Natural Way

Holistic Vets all over the world are endorsing the use of herbs and essential oils to assist with treating pet ailments.

We put our heart and soul into our products, ensuring your pets can utilise the true power of nature’s most beneficial remedies.


Our pet supply store grew out of a love for all animals and our goal is to maximize the well-being, for your lovely pets and fur babies.


By utilising the highest quality, Australian certified organic ingredients, we endeavor to provide the best quality natural alternative, that will benefit and assist you with your pets health.


At Organic Pet Wellness we aim to keep your pets healthy, vibrant and happy - the natural way. 

Maximise your pet’s well-being by using the healing
power of nature’s own remedies.

Organic Pet Wellness aims to keep your pets healthy, vibrant and
happy, the natural way.
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Just like healthy humans, a healthy pet needs a lot of attention and activity.

Make sure your pet has the best caffeine free Organic Herbal Drink available so they can lead a healthy lifestyle.

We love our herbal teas which have proved a popular and easy to administer aid for common ailments, and we think you will love them too.

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A healthy pet needs lots of attention just like a healthy human. Keeping your pup’s nose and paws soft and supple is as simple as regularly applying a soothing and moisturising balm.

Our Organic Nose and Toe Balm is made with only Organic products and contain either Lavender or Cedarwood essential oil to help heal and soothe tender tootsies.

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Caring for a pet can be a challenge, so we have developed affordable products that can make it just that little bit easier for you.

Count on us for Essential Oil Blends of the highest Organic quality.

Establishing the perfect treatment for your dog doesn’t have to break the bank.

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Caring for a pet can be a challenge, so we like to stock our shelves with products that make it easier, establishing the perfect environment for your animal doesn’t have to break the bank.


Our stylish Accessories help get the job done with exceptional attention to detail and a price that’s right.

Training a Puppy with Snack

Every pet owner knows that their animal friend loves treats, we have developed lip smacking yummy Herbal Doggy Biscuit Treats packed full of Organic goodness.

Combined with our herbal remedies that can help assist with Anxiety and Bad Breath, these treats have been tested by our very own pets who just love them.

Offering treats can be an easier way to introduce your dog to the necessary herbs.

Bulldog Scratching

Every pet owner comes across a flea attack, however small.

At Organic Pet Wellness we have got you covered, by using our Organic Flea, Tick & Mosquito Powder.

This product has become one of our most popular items as all the ingredients are Organic and Safe to use on all Pets (however not for use on Pregnant/Nursing mums or puppies under 3 months).

Organic Pet Wellness 

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