Does my dog really need Doggy Herbal Tea?

The daily consumption of beneficial herbs:

  • Promotes the general good health and well-being

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Balances & supports the body’s core organ systems

  • Improves digestion by activating digestive juices & enzymes

  • Helps calm and relax nervous system

  • Maintains a steady flow of all-important nutrients to diet: proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidents

By giving your doggy a morning / afternoon cuppa you are giving your doggy the opportunity to live the best life possible

Will my pet drink your Doggy Herbal Tea?

Dogs are like humans – some will drink the tea immediately, while others will decline. The vast majority of customer feedback we receive would suggest only small percentage of dogs do not embrace our teas at all. If you dog is fussy, just sprinkle our herbal brew on top of her food, or add some honey for a sweeter tasting brew (do not use sugar!)

How long does my dog need to drink Doggy Herbal Tea for before I notice any

Sometimes the benefits of our herbal brews often take around 30 days to kick in.  Look for discreet, subtle yet long-lasting improvements. Others may see an almost immediate change.
You will soon see healthier shinier coats, behaviour changes including less anxiety, less restlessness, less irritability - other changes may not be so obvious at first.

How many Herbal Doggy Tea drinks can I make with one pack?

Our packs of Loose Tea and our Tea Bag packs contain enough to make at least 20 serves, so if you need to give your dog 2 serves/day a pack will last for at least 10 days or for 1 serve/day for at least 20 days.

The herbs are in their whole dried form and a portion (teaspoon/teabag) will make at least 500ml (2 serves). Any excess liquid can be stored in the fridge for 2 days or frozen into ice-cubes for later use.

What is difference between human tea and our Doggy Herbal Teas ?

Black tea contains caffeine which in sufficient quantities can poison dogs and even lead to death.  

Typical symptoms of caffeine poisoning include: hyperactivity, shaking, panting, vomiting, seizures, rapid heartbeat.If you think your dog has consumed black tea or tea bags, please contact your vet.

Our Doggy Herbal Teas CONTAIN NO CAFFEINE and are hand crafted especially with your doggy in mind and all herbs used have been traditionally used for centuries to cure / receive ailments in many animals.

What is the key difference between herbal tea and herbal supplements?

Herbal tablets and capsules are made from the specific herbal extract and can contain up to 65% meaningless fillers such as soy or millet powder. In some instances they may also contain ‘unhelpful’ binding agents.
In our tea, all bioactive and healing extracts are retained as we brew the whole herb.

Does my dog have to stop taking his or her prescribed medicines or supplements whilst embarking on a Herbal Doggy Tea programme?

If your dog has a long-term medical condition or takes prescribed medicines, please chat to your vet before giving him / her our Doggy Herbal Tea.

Is your Doggy Herbal Tea range suitable for all dogs?

Yes - Our herbal teas are suitable for dogs from all breeds, sizes and life stages.  That said - please note, our Doggy Herbal Teas are not recommended for puppies under 4 months old, pregnant or nursing bitches.