Some of our Favorite Testimonials from our awesome customers:

Jackie, NSW

Sasha is a highly anxious dog particularly on car trips. After receiving some of the custom made jewellery which allows the use of essential oils attached to the dogs collar instead of being her usual howling self for the entirety of the car trip she was calm and content to just be on the same journey. I was skeptical at first however am now looking at how I can move more of my pet products to all natural organic products from Organic Pet Wellness.

Veronica, Perth

The Tranquili-tea has worked wonders on Ollie who once would cower and shake when left alone. He now has no issues being left alone for short amounts of time one given the tea a few hours before us leaving.

The website is very clear and organized. The checkout process was simple and secure and I was notified once the order was processed. The value for money is incredible! Being only $15 for twenty serves, this has saved me heaps on anxiety medication and recommend to anyone with a anxious little pup.

I will definitely be re-ordering the tranquillity tea for my puppy!

Dee, Roleystone

Was a bit skeptical to be honest, but after several nights of no sleep because our 6 year old Kelpie cross suddenly became terrified in storms, howling, crying and smashing the door to escape, I thought it was worth a go. It darn well worked !

Really pleased that she didn't appear "doped up". She was her normal bouncy self after drinking it. Gave her half a dose with her dinner and then the other half with some honey about an hour before bed and it obviously really settled her nerves because she (and we) had a peaceful night's sleep during the next storm, and the next one, and the next one.

Will make sure I have the tea bags to hand in the future so that we all get some rest whatever the weather !

Denise, Perth

My rescue dog Jessie who is 8 started with a cough some time ago just after her companion dog passed away from old age- she started at bedtime and was waking two or three times in the night to cough. The vets have really not been able to find a physical cause behind the cough and because there seemed to be no real underlying issues except maybe stress about losing her long time companion, I decided to give this dog tea a go. I got the cough tea and Jessie settled down and slept all night after the first drink UNBELEIVEABLE.